If you are interested in buying a business, Hawkeye Business Brokers will assist you in achieving your goal. We have many businesses listed for sale through our company, as well as contacts throughout Des Moines and Iowa. The following is the buying process established by Hawkeye Business Brokers. We also encourage you to submit a buyer profile in order for us to learn more about you, and your business interests.

1. Make an Appointment - Contact Hawkeye Business Brokers today so you can visit our office and together we can determine your business goals and explore the possibilities of owning your own business.

2. Narrow the Scope - Once your business goals are determined we can narrow the scope of your search and match your interests with businesses we have listed for sale.

3. Qualifying the Buyer - Hawkeye Business Brokers will determine if the buyer has the financial resources available to purchase the business they are interested in.

4. Confidentiality - Before any information is disclosed concerning a listing, a signed confidentiality agreement must be submitted.

5. Evaluation - After the confidentiality agreement has been signed, your broker will discuss with you information concerning location, sale price, annual sales, profit and loss statements, tax returns, leases, employees, etc.

6. Business Tour - Upon request, a date and time can be arranged to tour the business. Tours usually include the potential buyer, the broker, and the business owner.

7. Offer - Once you decide to make an offer, your broker will assist you in determining what the offer includes. A written offer will be drafted and presented to the seller by your broker. All further negotiations will be conducted by the broker.

8. Acceptance - If an offer is accepted by the seller, both parties will be in contact with the broker until all preparations are made for closing. These preparations include obtaining financing if necessary. Hawkeye Business Brokers will assist buyers in obtaining financing to purchase their desired business.

9. Closing - A mutually agreed upon closing date is determined. Usually present at the closing is the buyer and their attorney, seller and their attorney, the business broker, and the bank representative.

We encourage you to submit a buyer profile to us online so we can provide you with more information.

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